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Let’s just ignore that hiatus, eh?  Yeah, I think that’s best.  I do love skipping the hard parts.


Ok, ok – I made friends, I play frisbee, I’m busy, things are good.  Things are really good.  I can go days without GA memories.  The memories, and the whole, well – it’s like getting punched, when I think about it.  About the lovely humans I don’t get to talk to everyday, the people whose lives I’m not a daily part of.  But on some level, I’ve been so surprised and so lucky to see how the distance doesn’t matter as much as I thought it would.  When I see my old friends, when I talk to them – it just doesn’t matter.

Ok enough of that sugar for now…

Let’s just do a high/low, eh?

High: figuring out some calculus.  I still got it!

Low: drinking 3 cups of coffee absent-mindedly, and subsequently feeling on the verge of passing out all day.  WwwooooowoOoOO.  Dizzy.


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While I’m trying to get back into this (I think I’m out of it more because I’m in personal life limbo than anything else), I’m not going to be quite as discerning about what I post.  Which is to say, today I’m posting an incomplete list of open-ended goals.

1.  Bake my own bread regularly

2.  Run at least once a week (preferably in addition to other exercise)

3.  Take more pictures of every day life

4.  Make a household chores schedule and find a way to split them up evenly

5.  Take pictures of my knitting and update my ravelry site

6.  Stop buying food I can cook just as well for cheaper

7.  Be the kind of person who sends holiday letters.  Or any letters.

8.  Take advantage of what my new city has to offer (i.e. play outside a LOT)

9.  Learn to repair minor household things, like leaky faucets

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