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Today…  today has not been my favorite day.  Hasn’t been my favorite week.  I’ve been cranky for days, sleeping poorly (and somehow too much, also… I guess those go hand in hand), snapping at people.  Great way to behave when your days are numbered.

I think that’s the underlying cause.  My husband is flying out to WA at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday.  I’m following him in one month, maybe two…  between now and then I have to finish my dissertation, defend, pack (that word should really be longer, to match its shitty time consuming nature), and say my goodbyes.  I suppose it makes sense that the combined stress of this is morphing me into a moody bitch, but damn if I wish I couldn’t stop it.

It doesn’t help that at frisbee tonight I got rebuffed in front of all the rookies – unfairly, in my opinion.  Told to stop talking down to someone, when all I’ve been trying to do is go where I’m told (since I’m graduating and not playing in the spring).  I don’t understand how these girls don’t see that I am stretched tenuously thin, how they can be so self absorbed.  And how they can handle themselves so inappropriately – on what planet do you holler at someone in front of everyone else?  Is that normal?  I would pull the offending person aside and discuss it elsewhere.  And when I did that after the fact, to clear the air, I don’t think an apology ever actually materialized, just excuses. I’m surprised all the rookies haven’t gotten scared away by the craziness yet.

So then I sprained my ankle, and it’s getting all swollen, which is awesome – I have to drive a lot this weekend, and Husband can’t drive my car (why doesn’t he know how to drive a manual?  uaher;kbn;alken)

And then I get home, looking forward to basically melting into a puddle of emotional blubbering, and find Husband to be MIA…  apparently he’s at a soccer game.  Which, in reality, is totally fine, but in Universe Hates Susie Land, was like the coup de grace.

So, I start crying for the first time in oh, a year?  and can’t just give myself over to that and get it out of my damn system, because I got my tear ducts plugged today (lacrimal occlusion), because I have chronic dry eyes ever since that time I got optic neuritis and got whopped with a ridiculous quantity of steroids, and if I cry it’ll dry my eyes out even more and I won’t be able to see tomorrow (you know, worse than usual) on top of not being able to drive well because my ankle is sprained and I’ll pay for it in spades all weekend.


You can measure the degree of my anxiety by the length of my run on sentences.  True story.

My life is SOOOO hard.  First world problems FTW.


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quickly, because my dissertation is eating my face:

Sectionals got moved from Nashville to Atlanta to Chattanooga over the course of 36 hours, and then we played nearly all the games before getting totally rained out, so all my frisbee friends got to come the wedding.  Except the one who had to stay behind to help clean up after the terrible flooding at his parents’ home.  Atlanta was out of control last weekend!

Husband got a job on Friday (about an hour before the rehearsal dinner – great timing!), the job I was hoping he would get (computational support for research at the same company I am going to).

Then we bought a house*.

Then we successfully got married, and it was freakin awesome, and I made my husband take out the trash last night (suck it sucker!)

It was a big weekend.  I am totally blissed out.  And now I have work to do…

*still in the process I suppose, inspection is on Wednesday, but offer is accepted and papers are being signed and sent back and forth across the country.  Fingers remain in the crossed position, as we learn about mortgages and escrow and closing dates and home inspections and so forth.

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woe, and tragedy

I should have spent more time watching Bridezillas (that terrible, awesome TLC show).  Then I would know what to do:

The frisbee team I play on has a major tournament this weekend.  It is Sectionals, the first tournament of the Series, in which teams must participate and do well enough at to proceed to the remaining tournaments of the season.  Unfortunately, it’s been raining in Nashville all week, and there is a very very good chance that we won’t be able to play on the water-logged fields.  Which would have the effect of moving Sectionals to the following weekend.

Which is the weekend of my wedding.

Which would mean that, oh, half or so of my friends can’t come to my wedding (because, honestly, they are too important to their respective teams to miss Sectionals – oh, to have friends who suck at things).  And a couple of my teammates can’t go to Sectionals (because, honestly, they are too important to my wedding to miss it).  And, obviously, I don’t get to go to Sectionals – my second to last frisbee tournament for, at least, the next several years (if not forever and ever – there is NO frisbee scene where we are moving). Lose, lose, lose, all around.

Up to now, I had been getting increasingly nervous that I was going to a) get sick, b) get injured playing frisbee, or b2) get hit in the face with a frisbee and have a black eye or broken nose or giant gash on my face for the wedding.  Now, it doesn’t matter: I won’t have the opportunity to injure myself in some ridiculous frisbee-related way, and even if I did, none of my friends will be there to witness my embarrassment and joy.

Waaaaah wah waaah (rain dancing, sobbing, etc.)


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